Floral Halloween Decorations 2020

Halloween is just around the corner. This year, we might not have the usual festivities as we used to during the past years. But, that should not stop you from having a fun Halloween celebration with your loved ones. You can start by updating your home decor. Make your decorations fun, eye-catching or spooky by following this year’s flower trends. If you have not tried decorating with flowers for Halloween, now is a great time to experiment. Read on to learn how to make pretty and ‘boo-tiful’ decorations from dried flowers to houseplants.

Colour madness

Muted hues

Orange, bronze, yellow and gold are quintessential fall colours. But, new shades are now replacing these warm tones. For a muted and more natural Halloween decor, switch to colours such as apricot, nude, toffee and brown. These hues are perfect for combining with other colours or make it stand on its own. For a delicate or feminine touch, you can pick roses in Sahara or Toffee, Caramel Carnations, and Copper Extasis which are darker and richly coloured.

Dark & Moody

Of course, Halloween will not be complete without dark and moody colours. Rich black and deep aubergine are some of the colours bunched together for mystery and elegance. Some flowers to look for when going for this vibe are Black Baccara roses and the Anemone Mistral Bordeaux. Black calla lily blooms, though rare, convey a dramatic appearance perfect against a modern backdrop.

Vivid & Bright

Other popular colours for this year are jewel tones. Vivid and bright flowers make a statement and bring playfulness to your interiors. It is where the warm tones of fall come into play. An arrangement with orange gerberas, bronze mums, red daisies, complemented by yellow oak leaves makes a suitable Halloween floral arrangement. Other varieties to combine are red spray roses, orange and burgundy chrysanthemums, and yellow sunflowers for a striking centrepiece.

Speaking of sunflowers, you can make this variety Halloween-appropriate by looking for rich “Prado Red,” “Moulin Rouge,” and “Red Sun.”

Which varieties to use?

Butterfly Ranunculus

Add Ranunculus into your floral vocabulary and it might just be your next favourite! This flower was first introduced in 2017 and remains to be a popular choice for wedding arrangements. It has tissue-like petals which makes it a top choice for dreamy floral designs.

Butterfly Ranunculus comes in all the bright colours of fall such as yellow, orange, and red. For a Halloween-inspired decor, keep a lookout for the variety called Theseus.

Spider Mums

Often overlooked, spider chrysanthemums or Fuji mums have distinctive spindly petals that stretch out freely and loosely. The petals dangle like spider legs atop the stems. You can place these in eclectic vases. Unfortunately, spider mums are not typically sold in flower shops as they are late bloomers.

Different types of flowers

Fragrant Flowers

Flowers are not only sought after for their appearance. Some people look forward to having flowers for their fragrance. This Halloween, opt for aromatic flowers instead of scented candles. The natural deodoriser and mood enhancer like Eternal Fragrance Daphne and the all-time favourite mums.

Functional Flowers

Besides fragrance, flowers have other uses. Some flowers can purify the air and absorb toxins. Others serve as pest control and can even be added as a garnish in your Halloween dish.

Dried Flowers and Grasses

Since last year, dried flowers and grasses have gained attraction. Social media is to blame for this. Dried pods of flowers are ideal for those who do not want to hassle themselves with fresh flowers.

The great thing about dried flowers is the availability of the different varieties. Whether you are after Helichrysum, Spray Roses, Lavender or Statice, you can find these at any flower shop. Dried Pampas grass is also having a moment. The cream-coloured grass makes for fashionable fall decor.

If you want to DIY your Halloween flowers, you can make dead flowers at home. Instead of drying them, Peter Krask, the floral designer for NBC’s Today Show, advises to ‘bake’ the flowers. You can read about it here.

Silk Flowers

For those who want ‘everlasting’ flowers, silk flowers are the best choice. Put nature’s beauty on display with life-like blooms. Create floral accents like a flower wall and centrepieces with the finest silk faux flowers.

The Power of Plants

Young people have now shown interest in decorating their homes with greenery. Interior design trends and social media gave rise to the increasing demand for indoor plants. If you wish to bring your flowers forward and make your home a little greener, you can add some ‘spook-tacular’ plants as decorations.

Elephant ear plants are a bit generic. Have them in black and things get more interesting. Another black plant to have is the black heart vine.

For easy-to-care houseplants, choose from the spider plant and air plants. The spider plant looks like spiders springing from the plant while Tillandsias or air plants have a ghostly pale appearance and wide curling leaves. Air plants provide more flexibility when it comes to incorporating it with your Halloween decor as it does not require soil.

Enjoy your decorations to the fullest

The beauty of having flowers and plants as decorations are that you do not have to pack them away after Halloween. You can enjoy them all year as flowers and plants also blend well with other houseplants. With these decorations, you will end up with the most eye-catching displays unique to your home.

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