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What is SEO Service?

SEO Service (Search Engine Optimisation) means improving your visibility in search engines, especially by the millions of people searching for flowers. And as an SEO company, BloomLocal’s job is to drive leads, phone calls, store visits, purchases, and more through online search.

Just as you specialise in floristry, and go to college for three years or learn on the job, knowing your flowers, color combinations, techniques of holding flowers together, and study and know about everything to do with flowers and people, we specialise in knowing how search engines work and how to get you to the top of them.

Search engines, like Google and Bing, return relevant webpages when users search for things they want to buy or know about. There are nearly 2 billion websites live on the internet today, and Google visits most of them and copies that webpage on its huge computers. Every time Google visits a webpage and stores a copy of it, it will automatically tag that webpage with ‘keywords’ that it thinks identify that page. When you type words or questions into Google, Google’s searches it’s huge computers to find webpages that’s it’s tagged with same words that you searched. And if it finds a match it returns that webpage.

Step 1 – Keywords: The first thing about SEO is it starts with keywords, and you want to get Google to tag your webpages with all the keywords that people are typing in search bars looking to buy flowers. And there are thousands of them: flowers, buy, order, purchase, send, deliver, florist, flower, shop, online, delivered, bouquet, gifts, plants, arrangements, wedding, funeral, sympathy etc. And those most important thing is that searches are location searches, as visitors usually search by village or town they want that bouquet sent to. If you consider there are probably 50 villages and towns that you deliver too (including the small ones) and you take into account plurals, you end up with thousands of keyword combinations that you’re trying to make Google tag your site for. So when any one of those searches is made your site is going to appear at the top of the results. And this is what we do for you first, using our knowledge of the industry we find all the keywords for you.

Step 2: Optimising Keywords on your website Second task is that we need to ensure that your website has the keywords placed in the right site. That your titles and meta data is written well, that your content is clear and concise and not keyword cramming and doing it in a way that Google wants. Google is very specific that it wants all text written in a human way that is interesting and useful for the reader. This writing is what we do for you, and we are up to date on exactly what Google wants – as Google does change it’s rules quite often.

Step 3: Ensure you website is fast and has a good user experience (UX)

Search Engines do not like slow websites… You can see how fast your site is here: If you are anything less than a B then Google is going to penalise you and you won’t be getting to the top for anything other than very specific searches probably involving your shop name. What we do is make sure that your site is fast, that pages load quickly, and that it is not slowed down by images that are too big or coding that is lazy. Is your hosting provider working efficiently and is the site secure with a good user experience. Google can tell if your site isn’t linked properly and people are spending short amount of time on it.

Step 4: Content Writing

You need to be continually writing new content and refreshing information that visitors find interesting to read whether that is product or industry related info. Ensuring the content is well written and SEO friendly is what we do for you. We have copy writers who love understanding about your business and love writing, it’s what they do. And our SEO experts assists in making sure it contains the right keywords.

Step 5: Off site Changes

You are competing with a lot of other florists and internet flower sellers who are all doing their best to appeal to Google. You can make your site fast and you can tag kewords correctly, but when there are a lot of things same league, the number of websites linking to you and the quality of those sites linking to you is how Google determines that your website is more valuable than others. Backlinking is time consuming work, and you have to contact a lot of other websites and show them your content and hope that they find it interesting enough to link to your site. This work is on going and extremely time consuming and probably makes up the bulk of our ‘SEO Service’. But in order for Backlinking to be successful you need to master Step 3 : content writing.

To find out how many backlinks you have check here: Anything less than 10,000 is not enough. Your competitors have over 100,000 and have been busy doing this for years.

Step 6: Reporting, Analysing and testing.

In order to check that all the above is working we implement tracking tools to monitor what Google is doing, where you are appearing in the searches. This is time consuming work, and if a piece of writing or a change has worked we need to then know about it. We’re always testing and split testing to ensure that what we do is successful.

This is a brief summary of what SEO service is, and in order to do it well and be successful it is worth spending at least 1 day a week and having a budget of a month. For those buying a gifting website from us, this fee is included in our 25% but if you only want a brand site or have your own gifting site then by spending on SEO you will easily see the returns.

Google doesn’t change over night so it is an investment in the long run.

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