What is PPC - Paid Advertising

Paid advertising or Pay per Click is main form of digital marketing and is one of the best ways to get instant sales. It allows you to reach customers where they’re already looking. When someone is typing ‘flower delivery sheffield uk’ – it’s pretty sure that they are looking to order a gift bouquet that minute. It’s not the sort of keyword search you just do randomly, and we can help you get all the searches in your area coming immediately to your site.

If you notice on Google, the symbol (Ad) in the left hand corner of search result: these ads are Pay per Click Ads, and every time someone clicks on them the advertiser is charged a fee usually between £2.00 and £3.00. These companies are bidding on specific keyword combinations to appear at the top when someone searches for example ‘flower delivery sheffield uk’. They have used Google’s Ads portal and have set a bid for how much they are willing to pay when someone types ‘flower delivery sheffield uk’. Not only that but they have set different bid amounts for thousands of different keyword combinations. Whoever bids the most is getting to the top. You might think that the big internet companies are able to outbid you, but that is not true, the only difference is they have employed someone to study how Google Ads functions and know how to get the most out of it. As a florist you don’t have time to do this yourself or the budget to employ someone. This is where BloomLocal is here to help you, as we have the experience and know what keywords are right for your shop and your location, and what is the perfect bid. 

Local Keywords

As a local florist who doesn’t deliver nationally with couriers, you can’t really bid on the general search terms like ‘flower delivery’ or ‘buy flowers’ as you have no idea where the delivery is to. This is where most florists have made the mistake and lost hundreds of pounds for no return. The average florist has a delivery area containing 100,000 people living in 35,000 dwellings. There are 23 million dwellings in the UK, and so the chance of someone meaning you’re location when they search for a general term is very small…. 0.2% to be precise! But if you’re doing location bidding, and bidding on the towns and villages in your delivery area and using all the general keywords around the florist industry e.g. ‘flowers, florists, delivery’ etc you will be successful. We know all the keywords and combinations and this is where we help get your bids to the top of searches relevant to your business.

And you should beat the online companies, as they do not offer same day flowers like you do. If something goes wrong you can fix it, and the quality of your flowers is better even if they have a low budget. In the real and right world, you should be winning all those orders, and we can help you achieve this.

It’s all about ‘Conversion Rate’

The first step to understanding how to make Pay per click work for you is to understand Conversion Rate – whoever has the highest conversion rate can bid the highest and get the most sales.


You buy 100 clicks, and you pay on average 0.80 a click
So you spent £80 on 100 clicks
Of those 100 clicks you hope to convert 8 of them into an order
Your conversion rate is 8%
The average person will spend excluding VAT £40 an order
Your total net income is £320 from paid advertising
Therefore Google is costing 25% of your sales.

If you had a conversion rate of 2% (which a lot of florists do because website isn’t fully optimized) then the following happens

80 spent on google
70 in revenue
Google is costing you more than you’re taking in sales….. and you quickly stop!

It’s all about conversion.

8% is a very healthy conversion rate and that is what you should be targetting. With our help providing you with a fully optimised website we make it easier for the flower buyer to click through and make a sale, and ensure that we don’t lose any clickers along the way.  We have analytical tools that help us understand what your conversion rate is and we can do testing to find banners and product placements that improve your conversion. It might be big fundamental changes or it might be a lot of small ones. It could be that the colors you are using on the website don’t entice the buyer to buy. No matter what is it, we will find it and make your campaign work. 

Does Google Ads cost 25% of my sales?  The reality is yes, Google is expensive.  It is a market place and you are competing with many other companies, who are willing to pay higher amounts.  But on the positive side Google does bring you instant orders and 25% is less than many relays companies charge, but in this case at least you own the customer and can remarket to them later on. 

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