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Why to buy your flowers from a local florist

What’s not to love about flowers? They are one of the most beautiful products of nature and rich in colour and aroma. Flowers are used both for occasions and events, as well as to show different forms of affection. Flowers play a huge role on almost all occasions such as the birth of a new member of the family, or celebrating other happy occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and many more. Flowers are used during sad occasions too, like extending sympathy to a loved one.
Flowers have been used for centuries to express a wide range of emotions. Flowers always brighten up your days even in ironic circumstances. Often, flowers express what words cannot.

But we hear you think: a rose is a rose! Does it really matter whether you get your flowers from a florist or a supermarket?


What is a florist?

In general, a florist is someone who arranges flowers to create an aesthetic presentation for sale. A florist typically has a wide range of designs and styles to create a variety of floral arrangements depending on the preference of the customer. Florists are, in most cases, community-based and can immediately fulfil the demands of their customers.

The florist industry in the United Kingdom

The florist industry in the United Kingdom specialises in the retail of cut flowers, potted plants, and floral arrangements. The florist industry consists of businesses that specialise in the retail of flower products, accessories, and its accompanying floristry services sold online or in a physical store.

The florist industry, however, does not include department stores, supermarkets, and non-specialised online retailers which also sell flowers. While these companies also sell flowers, they offer an impersonal way of selling flowers not typical of businesses that are part of the florist industry. If one is looking for a personal touch, as well as creativity, expertise and high quality, one must choose to buy flowers from a professional florist.

Over the past years department stores, supermarkets, and non-specialised online retailers have been giving the florist industry significant competition.

The florist industry is huge and comes with substantial opportunities to start a successful business. The industry consists of businesses that specialise in the retail of flower products and its accompanying floristry services sold online or in a physical store.
The sale of flowers is largely dependent on special occasions, events, weddings, funerals, and customers looking for special gifts. Florists’ sales are largely driven by referrals and reputation.

Competition in the florist industry

The structure of the flower growing industry has seen many changes in recent years. Many flower growers engage in artificial climate control, genetically altered flower varieties, and growing conditions controlled by computers, as well as the use of conditioners, preservatives, and plant foods. These changes have motivated department stores, supermarkets, and non-specialise online sellers to get involved in the retail of flowers.

Local florists have been affected by these new flower supply channels because they appear cheap and are found in convenient places. Department stores and supermarkets, however, are unable to fill all demand of flowers as special gifts. Specialist florists have not exactly suffered from the entry of these new flower retailers because they generally only retail simple bouquets and some blooms. Consumers still need and will always need specialist florists to style their wedding, funeral, corporate event and many other occasions. 

Florists vs. retail

Local florists are way better than retailers which include flower shops in supermarkets, department stores, and non-specialised stores retailing flowers. The comparison ranges from how flowers are stored, to how they are arranged and delivered to customers as well as in the area of professionalism and customer care.

Cost is the most dominant advantage of flowers retailed in supermarkets and similar establishments. Flowers bought from these establishments are relatively cheaper than flowers retailed by local florists.

The reason for the lower costs is because supermarkets buy in bulk, have them packaged, and scattered to all of their stores. Buying in bulk results in lower acquisition costs, thus they can afford to sell the flowers cheaper.

Local florists, on the other hand, cannot afford to buy in bulk because their buying power is much smaller than that of a supermarket. Therefore, they cannot compete with the lower purchase costs of supermarkets.

The lower costs of flowers in supermarkets do not, however, compare to the many advantages of buying flowers from your local florist.


There are many reasons to favour your local florists:

Flowers are better cared for making them last longer

Local florists care better for the flowers they sell, so you are sure to always get the freshest, healthiest, and most superior quality flowers. Flowers sold in supermarkets may cost less, but they have a shorter lifespan because they are bought in bulk.

Florists typically carry premium and higher quality blooms while supermarkets sell low grade blooms. Whether you are buying flowers as a special gift, to celebrate a milestone, decorate your home, or express the right message, you have to ensure that your flowers are what you envisioned and that they will last a long time.

Flowers are stored in an ethylenefree environment

Fruits and vegetables contain ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is a plant hormone that regulates and speeds up their growth and development. Ethylene gas produced by fruits and vegetables, however, shortens the lifespan of flowers because it causes flower discoloration and premature wilting. Flowers sold in supermarkets are often displayed next to fruits and vegetables therefore causing them to quickly die and be short-lived. 

Florists do not expose their blooms to ethylene gas. They are nurtured with the right amount of plant food and are kept at the right temperature. Florists also frequently change the water of these blooms.

Florists offer more variety

The selection of flowers in supermarkets is limited because they are not the store’s main concern. The flowers department of a supermarket is always smaller than an average florist. They tend to sell only standard types of flowers because they are the most sellable. 

Local florists stock up on a wide variety of unique flowers not found in supermarkets. Florists can also work to design and create custom flower arrangements that look professional for any occasion.  They also come with luxury packaging, usually appealing wrappings and bows to make your bouquet look exceptionally special. 

Flowers are more eco-friendly

Local florists sell flowers that are free of pesticides and fertilisers making them eco-friendly. Florists keep most of their flowers in coolers providing a good environment for flowers to last long.

The health of the flowers should always be considered and how long they will last when on a vase. Flowers in supermarkets sit in buckets, often without water. This will make the flowers wear down fast. Another thing, you have no way of telling how long the flowers have been sitting in those buckets. Most of the time they have been sitting there for days.

Flowers are hand-delivered

Flowers sold by local florists are hand-delivered so they do not run the risk of being dehydrated, bruised, or harmed in transit. Flowers in supermarkets and flower-gifting companies are delivered in bulk and often not handled correctly, causing many of them to get bruised.

Flowers sold by florists are handled with more care. Florists are passionate about their flowers. For them, flowers are more than just products. Flowers are a way of life. Supermarkets on the other hand, treat flowers just as one of the many products on their shelves.


Many people are always on a tight schedule and think running to the supermarket is a more convenient way of picking flowers for a special occasion. When you go to the florist, you will only be able to buy flowers. When you go to supermarket, you will be able to get flowers as well, and many more.

However, if you are picking out flowers for someone special, you will need to have a special bouquet or arrangement only a florist can create. Are you in a rush? Picking up flowers from the supermarket, with all its convenience, is not the only perfect answer.

Many florists allow you to order flowers online. You can pick the best bouquet or flower arrangement from the comfort of your home or office. Ordering flowers online from florists combines convenience and the idea of getting the personalised service you will never get from picking flowers in a supermarket.

Florists are well-trained and have the skills to make better arrangements

Florists are well-trained and creative, allowing them to come up with unique and appealing flower arrangements. Their arrangements are tailored based on the preference of the client, the occasion, and season. Most flowers sold in supermarkets come in generic arrangements and tend to all look alike. 

Florists are more passionate and knowledgeable about flowers than supermarket staff. They would be able to guide and give you better advice on the best flowers to send to a loved one. They are also in a better position to show how to care for your flowers to make them last longer. 

Flower arrangements created by florists are considered pieces of art because behind each bouquet lies a lot of thinking and creativity. The finishing touches consisting of special details such as wrappings, cards, toys, and other amenities make them more appealing. 

In the supermarket, flowers are simply displayed similar to all products. The supermarket staff will not offer any other service. They will not be able to answer any of your questions or give you any advice. In short, you are on your own with no one to offer advice on the best flowers to pick.

Florists offer same day deliveries

Flowers by local florists are always fresh because they are delivered on the same day. They do not have to withstand long travel hours because local florists are located right within your community. 

Same day deliveries are one of the many services offered by florists. You pick the flowers you want, decide on the arrangement, write out the card, and the florist will have them delivered.

When you pick flowers in the supermarket, you pay for the transport, and take them home yourself. There is no delivery service you can avail of. Although, in some instances, it would be lovely to personally hand over flowers to your loved one, there is a special kind of thrill when you accept a flower delivery.

Local florists are friendly and approachable

Your local florist is always more friendly and approachable than most staff in supermarkets. This is because they are more passionate about flowers and they chose this type of business or work specifically for their love of flowers.  

It is also easier to develop rapport with your local florist because he or she is most likely the owner or a friendly staff member that lives within your community. The special relationship you develop with your local florist will allow them to provide personal customer care, remember your favourite blooms, preferred arrangements and bouquets, and in some cases will even remember special occasions in your family when you need flowers. 

Your local florist can also provide you with professional advice on how to make your arrangements or potted plants last longer. This is a service you cannot find in supermarkets. A personal touch is something money cannot buy.

Local florists are knowledgeable

Local florists are passionate about flowers and are equally knowledgeable in everything pertaining to these beautiful creations of nature. They know everything about the flowers they sell and what flowers to give for each occasion or message you want to send.  They can provide you with advice on any of your floral needs.

Flowers are a florist’s main business. They specialise in flowers. They know everything there is to know about the different varieties of flowers in their store. They know which are the best flowers to pick for any occasion so you can convey exactly the right message. They have the skills and talent to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

Local florists become part of your life’s journey

Local florists are part of your life’s journey. They are with you on all special occasions from births, to birthdays, proms, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, retirement, and sadly even deaths. You tend to develop rapport and a special relationship with your local florist. They are stewards of all-important occasions and celebrations in your life that are best remembered with lovely flower arrangements and decorations. 

It is easier to buy flowers from supermarkets but doing so will make you miss out on the one-on-one experience of buying flowers which provides a lot of excitement and pleasure. Buying flowers, arrangements, and bouquets from local florists makes you support the economy of your community. More importantly, you get the freshest flowers with the best arrangements with same-day delivery. 


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