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Things our Customers Say
Jake Easterbrook

6 months ago

Ordered a bunch of flowers for my Fiancèe today, 6 Lost Kisses, and it arrived perfectly and ever so quickly to her. The flowers that I ordered were better than the picture on the website! They are truly amazing and worth every single penny!. I would highly recommend this Florist if you are looking to treat someone. Perfect thanks!
BCL MOT Centre

10 months ago

Would not go anywhere else! The staff are amazing and the flowers lush! Had a last minute panic to get flowers for my wedding reception and they have come up trumps as usual, thank you ladies, Juliet Milburn xxxx

8 months ago

Thank you for the beautiful wreath you made for me for my friends funeral. Well worth every penny. Thank you again
Gail Minty

a year ago

I had a bouquet delivered from the Flower Shop this morning and it was absolutely gorgeous and presented beautifully. Highly recommended.

Florists England

Florists England is a land of flowers and blooms, and there are thousands of English florists in high streets, up and down the country.   In total there are 6000 England florists, which means there is almost a florist in every town.  A town wouldn’t be a town if it didn’t have a florist. 

When one thinks of England and flowers, the flower that comes to mind is the Rose.  The Rose is the most loved flower and the people have been passionate about flowers for centuries.   The war of the roses was one of the most significant moments in British history. 

In Victorian England flowers made up a special part of society, and lovers and married couples sent secret messages by the flowers they sent.  Each flower that was bought from an english florist has a different meaning.  To send a white lily means your love in pure, and a daisy means you truly love them.   This period was known as the language of flowers.   Whether you held flowers in your left or your right hand often meant yes or no.  If a question was asked whether you loved someone and you held the flowers in your right hand then it meant you truly loved them. 

Back then nearly all homes had flowers plucked from the garden and displayed on the kitchen table.  Flowers brought light and color to people’s lives.  Flower growers were all over the country, and flowers would be taken to the markets to be sold.   England had a fine tradition of florist and flower shops, that first popped up on high streets in the late 18th Century.

Florists passion for England flowers

Today we see the same passion for flowers, and many homes still love the blooms and scents on the table.  Flowers bring life and color to a home, and make a natural distraction from the TV’s and gadgets.   England’s flowers still grow strong, and in Lincolnshire you can find many flower growers with tulips, and stocks and lilies.  Sweet Williams are very popular too.  

The Spalding flower show is also a popular yearly event in England, and is a must see.  Another occasion is Britian in Bloom which is a huge moment in which all the towns of england celebrate english flowers.   The Chelsea flower show is another must see, as are the RHS shows which occur up and down the english countryside in the summer months.

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