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The best Christmas flower and decor trends 2020

It can be hard to be in a festive spirit with the Covid19 pandemic still chasing us and affecting our everyday life. The 2020 holiday season will no doubt introduce a different way of celebrating festivities with all of the restrictions and physical distancing in place in most parts of the world.

We will have to get creative and flexible by celebrating through Zoom and video conferencing. Consumers are likely to be more imaginative and resourceful when it comes to holiday decorations. With almost everyone spending more time indoors, efforts to make a cosy and spirited home increase. 

Some will decorate their homes early to spread the holiday cheer. Others are likely to spend more time personalising and customising decorations for a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to decorating.

New approach to decorating

As people are better acquainted with their hobbies, there has been a surge in DIY projects. More people are embracing handmade gifts and decorations. The meaningful experience they get in creating provides a sense of comfort while passing time.

Thus, there will be a re-prioritization of values regarding quantity versus quality and sustainability. But this doesn’t mean people will skip or even lay-off decorating. Instead, the focus will shift to bigger and better decors that will bring them joy.

What brings happiness varies from person to person. Some people prefer big, glamourous and sparkly decors while others want simple, natural and toned-down designs. This 2020, we see trends that suit any taste.

Christmas Decorating Trends 2020

Inspired by travels

This year, we will see more vibrant colours that exhibit fun and playfulness. As people reminisce on the happy thoughts and freedom of being outside, more people are inspired to bring in and bring back their fond memories of travelling. 

Bright shades are sure to be one of the main focus of holiday decorating.

Natural shapes

More people are also embracing the beauty of nature. This trend features materials in their natural state and shape. Twigs and branches are some of the materials used as decorations besides fresh Christmas trees. 

This modest trend is highly sustainable and provides uniqueness you would not get from store-bought decorations.

Rich, jewel tones

Bold colours are a great way to welcome the holidays. With its attention-seeking attributes, it is no wonder that this trend is timeless. 

Striking, rich colours such as jewel tones are a great way to transition from fall to winter. Whether your style is classic or modern, this trend will make your home feel cosy.

Winter morning

This trend features the ethereal colours of the winter sky in the early morning. It creates an elegant, feminine theme that matches a romantic or contemporary interior. 

Soft plaids and honeycomb ornaments are the keys to achieving this trend.

A night under the stars

Who would miss the splendour of the cold Christmas night? This magical time makes a pleasant theme for modern, calm and minimalistic atmosphere into your home. 

Some materials to include are metals, marble and velvet. As for patterns, zodiac signs and abstract faces are inspirations to look for.

Mirrors and crystals

Small spaces will benefit from mirrors and other shiny decors. The reflection of mirrors helps make any room appear larger. 

Gold and other lustres will also highlight special flowers and branches.

White Christmas

The tranquillity that this theme provides fits what a lot of people need during this time. With the rising demand for yoga and relaxation aids, it is no wonder that they are looking for serene and peaceful arrangements for the holidays. 

Incorporate silver and white lights for uniformity. Add a pop colour if you wish to break the monotony.

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Christmas Flowers Trends 2020

To complete your home decorations, here are popular Christmas flowers to incorporate with the trends. These flowers are great centrepieces to have indoors. Besides using flowers as decors, you can send these to friends and loved ones. They will surely love these beautiful Christmas flowers.
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1. Garden roses
Deeper red shades of garden roses exude a sophisticated feel. If you prefer royal red roses, go with ones with a heart-shaped centre for a romantic touch.
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2. Spray Roses
Spray roses have 3 to 5 heads on their main stem. It makes the perfect as centrepieces and small scale arrangements. You can combine spray roses with other types of roses, flowers and greeneries to create bigger bouquets with a thick and lush appearance.
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3. Amaryllis
Amaryllis is popular during winter for its colourful flowers that brighten the landscape. This exotic-looking flower has trumpet-shaped blooms that grow four to six weeks after planting the bulb.
4. Baby's Breath
Gypsophila is the team player among flowers. Highly versatile, it is the perfect addition for a soft and dreamy design.
5. Christmas Cactus
These pretty plants can last for years and years with proper care. Depending on the species, they can bloom at different times of the year like Thanksgiving and Easter.
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6. Cyclamen
These cool-season plants are popular in the winter months. They can bloom for more than eight weeks with the right conditions. Usually, cyclamens will bloom near the Christmas season.
7. Chrysanthemum Disbuds
Disbuds are used as focal flowers in arrangements and bouquets. There are two types of Disbuds: Spiders and Cremons. A Spider is distinguished by its tubular petals while any disbud without this characteristic is a Cremon.
8. Hydrangea
The ‘Eldorado’ hydrangeas are lavish red blooms that grow in acidic or neutral soil. If you prefer flowers over poinsettias, you can try growing or looking for this variety of hydrangeas.
9. Paperwhites
These are popular indoor plants that make great Christmas presents. They are easy to grow too – just pot them up and enjoy highly scented blooms in two to three weeks.
10. Peonies
Red peonies feature a rich shade that can be mixed with white or used as a standalone. If you are tired of red roses, peonies are a great alternative for something different.
11. Phalaenopsis Orchid
These delicate looking plants are rewarding to own. Also known as ‘moth orchid’, this variety is not as fragile as it appears and will even bloom for months with little care.
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12. Poinsettia
A classic holiday plant, choose one that has little yellow flowers in the centre of the coloured leaves. If you see that it is shedding pollen or the yellow flowers have dropped off, it’s past its prime and will not last through the season.
13. Ranunculus
Another alternative to roses is a cluster of sultry ‘Tango’ Ranunculus blooms. The layers of ruby petals will bring out your passionate side.
14. Rosemary
Often sheared into a topiary or pyramidal shape to mimic a Christmas tree, this plant emits a fresh pine scent. Its invigorating fragrance brings comfort in the middle of a dreary winter. Plus, it is a savoury addition to stews and roasts.
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15. Tillandsia
The easiest way to add air plants to your Christmas tree is to pop them into a glass ball. A bit of twine around the neck of the jar turns it into a simple rustic decoration. The plant alone in glass has a beautiful minimalist look. You can even add other elements like a layer of small pebbles or sand to complement the air plant.

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