Known as Persian Buttercup or Coyote’s Eyes, ranunculus is a delicate flower originating from Central Asia and eventually reached Europe and other parts of the world. The name of the flower is a combination of two Latin words, rana and unculus, where the former means ‘frog’ and the latter means ‘little’. Thus, the name ranunculus translates to ‘little frog’ as the flower grows abundant along streams. Persian Ranunculus is the most common species and often seen in flower shops.

Ranunculus flowers have countless of paper-thin petals and wide-spread leaves along the stem. They come in shades of bright red, pink, orange, peach, yellow, green, purple, wine, white, salmon, cream, apricot and cappuccino. It also features combinations such as orange and red, white and pink, and yellow and white. These flowers might not be popular in home gardens, but it is a staple in high-end flower shops and wedding arrangements.

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