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BloomLocal is an online marketing company specialising in getting your website visible on paid listings in search engines. We drive quality visitors who are looking to buy flowers and gifts in your local area.

We ensure that our florists customers connect with the hundreds of people searching online for flowers to be delivered near their shops every day. Our mission is to ensure that florists get seen online and win back business from the large internet flower companies and supermarkets that dominate the paid listings in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Our aim is to help local florists get their brand to the top of search engines and enable consumers to know that their local florist is as easily accessible online as it is on the high street

Our team is made up of trained ad specialists, designers, and developers, and we know and understand all the tools required to be successful at turning paid clicks into orders. As we work with florists around the country, we learn and share the knowledge and experience from location to location. We make sure we stay focused on what florists needs are, and our main goal is to ensure that your local community see you as their only source of anything flower related: weddings, funerals, bouquet gifts, events, workshops, bunches, home and office design, fun facts and knowledge.


Flowers and the Internet are our passion, and we’re passionate about helping florists succeed, and enabling you to be at the top of the listings. When you choose to work with BloomLocal, you won’t get false promises and we will deliver.

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Online Marketing is a huge science

But we love it!

If you like to learn more about the results we’ve driven for our clients? Check out our portfolio for examples of our work, and our client testimonials to hear directly from the florists who’ve worked with us.

Our History

BloomLocal was founded by Steve France, David Ragg and Khandaker Shahi in 2019, and their combined skills of flower knowledge, online marketing and software development have resulted in a perfect combination. We love what we do and every day learn and build, with one goal only: helping florists.

Steve has been working in the flower industry since graduating from university 20 years ago, and has worked on major flower gifting sites such as SerenataFlowers.com, ArenaFlowers.com and Florismart. Steve knows the online marketing world inside out, and is passionate about supporting the florist industry.

Shahi lives and breathes technology, and has been building websites and software programs since graduating from university 10 years ago. He is a specialist in Search Engines and website optimisation. He is also an excellent teacher, and enjoys building teams of programmers, designers and analysts, a skill that enables BloomLocal to support many florists.

David is a well known florist and for many years and has been trading from Bournemouth shops since 1991.  David won UK Florist of the Year title in 2000 and has a deep understanding and connection with the industry.  He has travelled the world sharing his passion for floral design, and in essence is a flower man through and through.  With the rise of the internet and the pressures this is putting on independent florists who are generally non technical, David has been passionate about providing florists with a solution to win online and ensure florists stay connected with customers in the modern world. 

Over the last year BloomLocal has built a fantastic team. The team is excited for what 2021 and the following years bring, and we are determined to support florists improve their online presence in this rapidly digitalizing world.

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